About Us

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We, Daniel and Danie (or, the “Double D’s” as our friends and family refer to us), are a husband-and-wife photography team and the creative minds behind Imagine’at Photography. We are a little bit nerdy, definitely a little weird, and we are always looking for a new adventure. We are obsessed with Movies, Books, and some good competition (we are suckers for a game night!) We have an ongoing debate on whether or not coffee is the greatest (she say yes, he says yuck) and we think curling up on a rainy night is the perfect date.

Our goal is to authentically document your life story. We aren’t interested in uncomfortable poses and fake smiles. We focus on your candid moments, your family interactions, and your genuine self-expression. These are your memories. Years from now you will look back on these moments and reminisce about what these days and years felt like.

We want you to look back at these photos and remember everything that makes your life uniquely yours.

We met in New York City (Daniel’s hometown) in 2011, moved to Madison, Wisconsin (Danie’s hometown) in 2014 and got married shortly after. In June of 2016, we welcomed the birth of our first child, Nova Celeste. 🙂

If you want to know more about us, here are 5 Fun facts:

  1. One of our favorite shows is The Walking Dead.
  2. We are currently playing through Left4Dead on the Xbox
  3. We dress up for Comic Con every year – and Halloween.
  4. Danie’s first pickup line to Daniel was “Let’s be Facebook Friends”
  5. We have each lived in every borough of NYC except Brooklyn. 

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