Sneak Peek! | Danielle and TJ’s Wedding

When these TWD loving, Supernatural watching, Whovian friends of ours asked us to take photos of their wedding, we were so incredibly excited! They did a split ceremony/reception, so that all of their family would […]

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Sneak Peek! | Jessi and Allen’s Wedding

Jessi and Allen have been together for nearly ten years prior to tying the knot. We asked them what the secret was to a long-lasting relationship and they both agreed that it was their support […]

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JDRF OneWalk: Why It Matters to Us and How You Can Help!

My Diabetes Story This year marks my 10 year anniversary of being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a kid to be diagnosed as type 1. […]

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The Perfect Summer Romance | Sara + Tim

What can I even begin to say about Sara and Tim?! They are the most genuine, authentic, and sweetest people ever. They smiled and laughed constantly and despite the 90+ degree weather, they were both […]

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Sneak Peak! | Maggie and Bryan’s Wedding

I don’t think we could have dreamed up a wedding that was more fun to shoot than this one! Maggie and Bryan are super fun, a little strange – in the best way (being strange […]

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Sweet, Silly, Sassy Molli | Senior Portraits

When we first met Molli, it was easy to see that she was awesomely fun person to be around. She’s quirky like us, and she owns her quirkiness a lot better than Danie and I […]

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Nova’s First Birthday!

And JUST LIKE THAT our sweet girl turned one! It’s crazy to think that a year flew by so quickly, but as a friend told me shortly after we had her, “the days are long, […]

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Fun Springtime Photos | The Derlein Family

The family that laughs together stays together… and bribes their kids with fruit loops and time on the playground and games later in the day to stay still long enough to let us get some […]

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New Event: Reach-A-Child’s 2nd Annual “Putt Putt ‘Fore’ Kids”

When I was younger my family went through a rough patch. I remember having to spend several hours one evening at the police station while my Mom was being briefed by the police officers about her sister […]

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Sweet Newborn Photos | Timbre Raine

Ashley and I (Danie) have been friends since we were in 4th grade. We’ve been through thick and thin and Ashley and I have only grown closer over the years. So, when I found out she was having […]

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